Packing for Your Trip: Pre-Vacation Drama

Before every trip, business or pleasure, my friend  Victoria used to empty her entire closet onto her bed, iron everything she owned,  and then sort  each item into “take” and “don’t take” piles. Over  a couple of weeks (!) she’d gradually pare down the “take” pile until she had the right amount of clothes for the […]

Alaska Dreams Part One

I figured I’d get to Alaska when I well past 70. People used to say the Alaska cruises are filled with the “overfed and nearly dead.” I pictured a geriatric crowd, just one click away from being set out on an ice floe with only a hunting knife, no longer viable members of the tribe. So when the […]

Small Ship Cruising

Fall in Love with Small Ship Cruising Small cruise ships give you a chance to enjoy awe-inspiring destinations up close and personal, with no hassles or frustrations. What a Way to Go! Visit a new port each day and unpack only once. Sometimes it seems that traveling itself is the worst part of seeing multiple destinations. […]