Small Ship Cruising

Fall in Love with Small Ship Cruising

Small cruise ships give you a chance to enjoy awe-inspiring destinations up close and personal, with no hassles or frustrations.

Uniworld SS Antoinette at Amsterdam

What a Way to Go! Visit a new port each day and unpack only once. Sometimes it seems that traveling itself is the worst part of seeing multiple destinations. Pack up, schlep to the train station, find your train…With a small cruise ship, the cruise itself is as desirable as the destination – it becomes your adventure. Each night, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the gentle movement of the water and awake refreshed, with a brand new view outside your stateroom. And with small ships welcoming between 60 and 311 fellow sailors, you’ll forget you ever had to wait in line before.


Travel in Style. With larger ships, the crew to passenger ratio can get rather bloated and it’s difficult to get that personal “red carpet” treatment. With small cruise ships, the crew to passenger ratio is often 1:2 . That means crew members know your name, they know your preferences and they can often anticipate your desires before even you know you want another beverage. The bartenders and kitchen staff are catering to a much smaller crowd, ensuring efficiency, quality and attention to detail.


 Unique Ports & Itineraries. Larger ships have to play it safe – going to bigger ports that can accommodate both the large size of the vessels and the huge crowds that will be touring the city together. Small cruise ships, on the other hand, have an incredible amount of flexibility. Ever thought you could cross the Panama Canal on a cruise ship and then visit the incredible, mostly uninhabited San Blas Islands, where Kuna Indians live today as they did hundreds of years ago? You couldn’t do that on a large ship, but we take you there and allow for an unforgettable cultural experience. You’ll look at the world, and yourself, differently.

san blas islands

 Affordability. If you’re thinking small cruise ships aren’t affordable, think again! They really are an affordable alternative. Travelers usually incur  unexpected costs, especially on large cruise ships. But on a smaller vessel, many of the expenses are included up front. Like what? Wine or beer with meals, excursions with local guides, and gratuities. Some ships have complimentary wi-fi in the cabins. Once you’ve planned your trip, you have a really good sense of exactly what you will be spending, and you can budget accordingly. If you compare “apples to apples” and factor in all costs on both large and small ship sailing,  the cost of small ship cruising is surprisingly affordable!  Additionally, you can often find cruise specials that cut your travel costs in half (hint: early booking is often the way to save, if you can plan in advance!)

Get social in person, for a change! With fewer guests on board, small cruise ships offer an ideal social experience. It’s easy to make life-long friends, which is one reason people like to cruise. And unlike many large ships, small cruise ships often keep an “open bridge” policy, meaning you can wander up to speak with the captain at your leisure. Small cruise ships provide an element of privacy many guests appreciate, while the small numbers also mean it’s easier than ever to meet new friends and relax over a quiet dinner.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find just the right small ship cruise!

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