Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations

Your favorite non-profit organizations need money. That’s an inescapable reality, unless (or even if) there are wealthy benefactors behind the scenes. You’ve tried almost every type of fundraiser there is—auctions, sales, raffles, art and wine dinners, and certainly direct appeals. How about trying something new?

Group cruises can be a great way to raise money for your favorite charity. We’ll show you how.


A surprising number of people have never cruised–this might be just the ticket! Being with other people and having a group leader makes it easy for first-timers.

The advantage of a fundraising cruise is that by offering  people something desirable–a great vacation–coupled with the opportunity to help your organization, you pave the way for your supporters to help fund your non-profit in a way they perhaps had not considered previously. They’ll have the satisfaction of making a difference AND a great vacation. It’s a win-win.

You’ll pick the itinerary. Where would you like to go? If you’re not sure, we’ll help you select  dates and an itinerary that will afford the most potential for success. We’ll book far in advance to give you plenty of time to sell staterooms.

  • Raise funds – Successful cruise events raise money.  And the larger the program and group, the more money you can  raise. Fifty couples or families on a seven day cruise can earn $5,000 or more.  Ultimately how much can be made depends on the program you choose. Cruises can be structured with or without a tax-deductible contribution by guests.


  • Raise awareness – Cruises get attention.  Organizations promoting cruise fundraisers can get a lot of attention in both local media and by word-of-mouth.  Whether you run a full media blitz or advertise on a smaller scale, people will be talking about the cruise (and your organization!)  Even an organization with a small PR staff can easily build momentum.  To be successful, your organization needs to get the word out so people know what you’re offering.publicity
  • Generate support – Support equals success whether it means others being encouraged to join your volunteers or by people remembering you at other times of the year as one of their preferred charities. When people come together in a spirit of giving and fun, you’ll find that it’s a win-win event for everyone with a terrific trickle down effect that benefits your organization.non-profit-solutions-450x270
  • Education – If your organization would like to include educational seminars or have a trade show pertaining to its subject, it’s easy to arrange as part of the program. Or perhaps gift bags for all of the participants which also contain the latest materials on the organization’s accomplishments and goals.
  • Camaraderie of those with common goals and interests – Don’t discount the value of this! Though perhaps not a primary goal of your organization, many relationships—friends, love, and business— can be forged during a cruise. Good will and positive experiences–all because of your fundraising cruise group.


  • Build momentum – With a successful cruise event, you can build an annual trip that brings together your organization’s members, supporters and community participants who will become bigger supporters.  People talk about their vacations for years, they share photos, they Tweet and Facebook about it.  You get to ride the wave each time the “XYZ Charity Cruise” is mentioned.FBI Cruise Cover Up-4(3)
  • Recognize efforts – There are often a few key people whose work is invaluable for the success of an organization.  A cruise is a wonderful way to recognize these people. Special recognition can be given to exceptional volunteers or your largest donors. You can even use one of your earned free cruises to give to one of these exceptional people.


Last, but not least, booking a fundraising group cruise will not only be fun for families and friends, it will benefit  your worthy cause!



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